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Who has helped to make MySQL.

Contributors to the MySQL distribution in somewhat random order:

Michael (Monty) Widenius
Has written the following parts of MySQL:
David Axmark
Kim Aldale
Rewriting Monty's and David's attempts at English into English.
Allan Larsson (The BOSS at TcX)
For all the time he has allowed Monty to spend on this 'maybe useful' tool (MySQL). Dedicated user (and bug finder) of UNIREG & MySQL.
Per Eric Olsson
For more or less constructive criticism and real testing of the dynamic record format.
David J. Hughes
For the effort to make a shareware SQL database. We at TcX started with mSQL but found that it couldn't satisfy our purposes so instead we wrote a SQL interface to our application builder UNIREG. mysqladmin & mysql are programs that were largely influenced by their mSQL counterparts. We have put a lot of effort into making the MySQL syntax a superset of mSQL. Much of the API:s ideas are borrowed from mSQL to make it easy to port free mSQL programs to MySQL. MySQL doesn't contain any code from mSQL. Two files (`client/insert_test.c' and `client/select_test.c') in the distribution are non copyrighted files from the mSQL distribution (Copyrighted David J. Hughes). These are included as a example of the changes that must be done to change from mSQL to MySQL.
Fred Fish
For his excellent C debugging and trace library. Monty has made a number of smaller improvements to the library (speed and additional options).
Richard A. O'Keefe
For his public domain string library.
Henry Spencer
For his regex library, used in 'WHERE column REGEXP regexp'.
Free Software Foundation
From whom we got an excellent compiler (gcc) and for their libc from which I have borrowed strto.c to get some code working in Linux. Also readline for the client.
Free Software Foundation & The XEmacs development team
For a really great editor/environment used by almost everybody at tcx/detron.
Igor Romanenko (igor@frog.kiev.ua)
mysqldump (Previously msqldump but ported and enhanced by Monty)
Tim Bunce, Alligator Descartes
For the DBD (perl) interface.
Andreas Koenig <a.koenig@mind.de>
For the perl interface to MySQL
Eugene Chan <eugene@acenet.com.sg>
For porting PHP to MySQL.
Michael J. Miller Jr. <mke@terrapin.turbolift.com>
For the growing MySQL user manual. And a lot of spelling/language fixes for the FAQ.
Giovanni Maruzzelli <maruzz@matrice.it>
For porting iODBC (unix ODBC).
Chris Provenzano
Portable user level pthreads. From the copyright: This product includes software developed by Chris Provenzano, the University of California, Berkeley, and contributors. We are currently using version 1_60_beta6 patched by Monty (se mit-pthreads/Changes-mysql).
Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr>
The author of LinuxThreads (used by MySQL on Linux).
Zarko Mocnik <zarko.mocnik@dem.si>
Sorting for Slovenian language and the cset.tgz module for easier adding of other character sets.
Yves Carlier Yves.Carlier@rug.ac.be
mysqlaccess ; A program to show how the access right for a user.
Rhys Jones <rhys@wales.com> (And GWE Technologies Limited)
For the JODBC; A module to extract data from MySQL with a Java client.
Dr Xiaokun Kelvin ZHU <X.Zhu@brad.ac.uk>
Futher development of the JDBC driver and other MySQL related Java tools.
James Cooper <pixel@organic.com>
For setting up a searchable mailing list archive at his site.
Rick_Mehalick <Rick_Mehalick@i-o.com>
For xmysql a graphical X client for MySQL.
Doug Sisk <sisk@wix.com>
For providing RPM packages of MySQL for RedHat Linux.
Antoni Pamies Olive <toni@readysoft.es>
For providing RPM versions of a lot of MySQL clients for Intel and Sparc.
Jay Bloodworth <jay@pathways.sde.state.sc.us>
For providing RPM versions for MySQL 3.21 versions.
Jochen Wiedmann <wiedmann@neckar-alb.de>
Maintaining of the perl module DBD::mysql
Therrien Gilbert <gilbert@ican.net>, Jean-Marc Pouyot <jmp@scalaire.fr>
French error messages.
Petr snajdr, <snajdr@pvt.net>
Czech error messages.
Jaroslaw Lewandowski <jotel@itnet.com.pl>
Polish error messages
Miguel Angel Fernandez Roiz
Spanish error messages
Roy-Magne Mo <rmo@www.hivolda.no>
Norwegian error messages and testing of 3.21.#
Timur I. Bakeyev <root@timur.tatarstan.ru
Russian error messages
David Sacerdote <davids@secnet.com>
Ideas for secure checking of DNS hostnames
Gianmassimo Vigazzola" <qwerg@mbox.vol.it> or <qwerg@tin.it>
Port to Win32/NT.
Irena Pancirov <irena@mail.yacc.it>
Win32 port with Borland compiler.
Wei-Jou Chen <jou@nematic.ieo.nctu.edu.tw>
Some support for Chinese(BIG5) characters.
Zeev Suraski <bourbon@netvision.net.il>
from_unixtime time formating, ENCRYPT() functions, and bison adviser. Active mailing list member.
Luuk de Boer <luuk_de_boer@pi.net>
Ported (and extended) the benchmark suite to DBI/DBD. Some new date functions.
Jay Flaherty <fty@utk.edu>
Big parts of the perl DBI/DBD section in the manual.
Paul Southworth <pauls@etext.org>
Proof-reading of the reference manual.

Other contributors, bugfinders and testers: James H. Thompson, Maurizio Menghini, Wojciech Tryc, Luca Berra, Zarko Mocnik, Wim Bonis, Elmar Haneke, jehamby@lightside, psmith@BayNetworks.COM, duane@connect.com.au, root@dondra.ofc.psyber.com

And lots of bug report/patches from the folks on the mailing list.

And a big tribute to those that helps us answer question on the mysql@tcx.se mailing list.

"Daniel Koch" <dkoch@amcity.com>
IRIX setup.
"Luuk de Boer" <luuk_de_boer@pi.net>
Benchmark questions.
Tim Sailer <tps@users.buoy.com>
DBD-mysql questions.
"Boyd Lynn Gerber (801) 250-O795 Work" <gerberb@zenez.com>
SCO related questions.
"Mehalick RE (Richard) at MSXSEPC" <RM186061@shellus.com>
XmySQL releated questions and basic installation questions.
Zeev Suraski <bourbon@netvision.net.il>
Apache module configuration questions (log & auth), PHP related questions, SQL syntax related questions and other general questions.
Francesc Guasch <frankie@citel.upc.es>
General questions
Jonathan J Smith <jsmith@wtp.net>
Questions pertaining to OS specifics with Linux, SQL syntax, and other things that might be needing some work.
David Sklar <sklar@student.net>
Using MySQL from PHP and Perl.
Alistair MacDonald <A.MacDonald@uel.ac.uk>
Not yet specified, but is flexible and can handle Linux and maybe HP/UX. Will try to get user to use mysqlbug.
John Lyon <jlyon@imag.net>
Questions about installing MySQL on Linux systems, using either .rpms, or compiling from source.
"Lorvid Ltd." lorvid@WOLFENET.com
Simple billing/license/support/copyright issues.
Patrick Sherrill <patrick@coconet.com>
ODBC and VisualC++ interface questions.
Randy Harmon <rjharmon@uptimecomputers.com>
DBD, Linux, Some SQL syntax questions.

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