Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition

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Week 3 At A Glance

Applying Your Knowledge of SQL

Welcome to Week 3. So far you have learned the fundamentals of SQL and already know enough to apply what you have learned to some real-life situations. This week builds on the foundation established in Weeks 1 and 2. Day 15 shows you how to streamline SQL statements for improved performance. Day 16 talks about the data dictionary, or system catalog, of a relational database and shows you how to retrieve valuable information. Day 17 extends the concept of using the data dictionary to generate SQL as output from another SQL statement. You will learn the benefits of this technique and discover how generating SQL can improve your efficiency on the job. Day 18 covers Oracle's PL/SQL, or Oracle procedural language. PL/SQL is one of the many extensions to standard SQL. Another extension is Sybase's and Microsoft Server's Transact-SQL, which is covered on Day 19. Day 20 returns to Oracle to cover SQL*Plus, which allows you to use advanced commands to communicate with the database. SQL*Plus also enables you to format query-generated reports in an attractive manner. You can use SQL*Plus in collaboration with PL/SQL. Day 21 examines errors and logical mistakes that relational database users frequently encounter. We provide brief descriptions of the errors, solutions, and tips on avoiding errors.

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